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Asus P8Z68 Marvell SATA UEFI Blues

Well I am building a new computer after 6 years and I went with the Asus P8Z68. It took quit a bit of fiddling around to figure out but if you attach your DVD to the Marvell controller it will NOT recognize it as UEFI capable. Apparently it does not scan devices attached to the Marvell controller for efi info during the boot process. Devices on this controller do not show up in the typical EFI shell either.

USB devices work fine so thumb drives and external DVD drives connected to USB ports work. This is why it took me so long to figure out the problem. Everything BUT the Marvell controller seems to be scanned for UEFI.

So if you have an Asus Z68 board and you can’t get your DVD to boot in UEFI mode, move it from the Marvell controller to the Intel controller and it will work.