Camera Lens Codes

I did not create this. This info was taken directly from this page at stackexchange.
I reproduced it here with some simplification because you can’t trust The Internet. Here today, gone tomorrow. Thank you to the many people who contributed this info to the community.

Descriptions by Lens Make



  • XYZmm: Focal length
  • f/x.y: Maximum aperture (or f/a.b-c.d for variable aperture zooms)

Focus/Mount Type

  • EF: Electro-Focus
  • EF-S: Electro-Focus, Short back-focus
  • EF-M: Electro-Focus, Mirrorless (EOS M)
  • TS: Tilt-Shift (manual focus)
  • TS-E: Tilt-Shift, Electronic aperture control
  • MP-E: Macro-Photography, Electronic aperture control (manual focus)
  • PE: Prohibitively Expensive


  • IS: Image Stabilization
  • USM: Auto Focus Type: Ultrasonic Motor
  • STM: Auto Focus Type: Stepping Motor
  • (Roman numeral) N: Version of lens (II = v2, III = v3, etc.) (The word Mark is not present in lens names, only in camera body names)
  • DO: Diffractive Optics
  • L: Luxury series
  • Macro: close focusing, but not necessarily 1:1 magnification
  • Softfocus ability to use soft focusing for smooth dreamy look
  • PF Power Focus (PF isn’t included in the official lens name published by Canon for lenses that include this feature)



  • XYZmm: Focal length
  • Fx.y: Maximum aperture

Lens Mount

  • X-mount: The modern, fully-electronic lens mount used in Fujifilm’s X-series cameras.
  • Fujinon: Fujifilm’s blanket term for its lenses which use this mount.

Lens Construction

  • XC: “Compact and casual” lower-cost lenses, generally with plastic barrels and a metal bayonet mount
  • XF: Higher-end lenses with metal body construction,
    usually faster maximum aperture, and often exotic lens elements (these
    are not usually called out by other designators in the lens name).
  • “Red Badge” or “Red Label”: XF lenses with the label in red; reserved for higher-end zoom lenses.


  • APD: Apodization filter for improved bokeh
  • LM: Linear Motor (faster than the standard motor)
  • Macro: Not necessarily “true” 1:1 macro; also found on lenses with 1:2 (0.5

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