How to set up Docker on Windows to use VMWare (instead of VirtualBox or Hyper-V).

  1. Get Docker:
  2. Get Docker Machine:
  3. Get vmware driver for docker machine:
  4. Extract docker zip somewhere (e.g. C:\apps)
  5. Copy docker-machine-Windows-x86_64.exe into the new docker folder and rename it to docker-machine.exe.
  6. Copy docker-machine-driver-vmwareworkstation.exe into the new docker folder.
  7. Run a shell (CMD or PowerShell) and add the docker folder to your path
  8. Run “docker-machine create –driver vmwareworkstation default”. This will download the boot2docker.iso and create a new docker machine named “default” in C:\Users\{username}\docker\machine\machines\default.
  9. Either:
      1. Run “docker-machine env default >default.cmd” to create a batch file that sets up the environment.
      2. Run “call default.cmd” to set the environment. This makes “default” the default machine for docker commands.
    • Or:

    • eval “$(./docker-machine env default)” from a UNIX-like shell such as cygwin’s mintty
  10. Now use docker. For example “docker version”.

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